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Dale also had a beautiful palomino named Pal that she used in personal appearances around She used this horse in a pilot film that she made for television, Queen of the West. This show never aired because Roy made the decision to go into TV in and Dale joined him in the highly successful and long running Roy Rogers Show. Glenn found a nice buckskin Quarter Horse, Buttermilk, for Dale to use in the show.

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As a side note, Glenn earlier had looked at a beautiful chocolate colored horse with a white mane and tale for Dale to ride but determined that the horse was a little too spirited for her to handle comfortably. When Rex Allen was looking for a horse, Glenn remembered the chocolate horse and told Rex about him. In October , he sold at auction the last of his horses, which included grandsons, and granddaughters of Trigger Jr. Trigger, Trigger Jr. Beginning at the High Noon Auction in January , the entire contents of the museum including Trigger were sold in a series of auctions, culminating with Christiess auction on July 14 and 15, in New York.

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A classic pose of Roy and Trigger 3. December 6, Receipt for Final Payment on Trigger 6. A Certificate of Honorary Ownership of Trigger 7. Roy giving Little Trigger a kiss 8.

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Another pose of Roy with Little Trigger 9. Roy mounted on Trigger, Jr. Roy with his Liberty Horse act 1 2. Roy mounted on Pal 1 3. Roy with the Music Saddle outfit Roy shown on an advertising brochure for All Western Plastics, Inc. The only person that he did respond to was Taylor, and once filming was over, she was gifted King Charles for her 13th birthday by the studio.

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She kept him at stables in California and visited him when she could, speaking fondly of the stallion years later. Originally called Golden Cloud, Rogers bought the horse and renamed him Trigger after riding him in his first feature film. Blockbuster star of the 90s, Brendan Fraser came to the public eye in films like The Mummy and George of the Jungle , where he had a notable sigh-worthy scene rallying horses.

His affinity with horses in that movie was replicated in real life when he worked on a drama series called Texas Rising. He instantly felt a kinship with the quiet horse and brought him back to his farm in upstate New York.

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Like this? You might also enjoy reading these:. When Roy Rogers rode Golden Cloud for the first time it was love at first ride. The horse had speed and power, an easy lope, and a calm and willing attitude. The young actor remembered that after he rode Golden Cloud he never even considered any of the other horses.

The crowds loved Roy Rogers and they loved Trigger, too. One of the most successful duos in entertainment history was born.

People everywhere asked him about the horse he rode in the movie, and he quickly realized that audiences loved Trigger almost as much as he did himself. From the beginning Roy openly and apologetically loved the horse, and wanted to own him for his own so he could not only ride him in more movies, but take him out on personal appearances, too. It hardly seemed like enough to take care of himself and his wife and have enough left over to buy a rising equine star.

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  • But Roy Rogers often described himself as an optimist, and having no idea how he would actually afford the horse he went ahead and asked Clyde Hudkins of Hudkins Stables to sell him Trigger. As Roy Rogers career soared to super stardom Trigger carried him along for the ride, becoming just as much an American icon as his human counterpart. As soon as Roy had enough influence with the movie studio he insisted that Trigger got top billing, right along with himself.

    Trigger dazzled audiences with his beauty and brains, performing a seemingly endless list of tricks that included untying ropes and shooting a gun.