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Perhaps Rebekah could have spoken to Isaac and tried to clarify exactly what he had in mind. Perhaps the two could have worked something out that would have satisfied both the need to give Jacob the Abrahamic blessing and the need not to alienate their other son. This was not done and the consequences were tragic for all involved.

Words are powerful things.

Blessings and curses have consequences. Deception is never without a price. The need for honesty and for straightforward communication within a family has never been demonstrated better than in this sad but fascinating tale of intrigue and misunderstanding.

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The writer, a former president of the International Rabbinical Assembly and a longtime Jerusalem Post columnist, is a prominent lecturer and author who twice received the National Jewish Book Award. By Reuven Hammer. Share on facebook Share on twitter. Related Content.

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Why Family Wealth Is A Curse

Liat Collins. My word: When dates with history are lost in cyberspace.

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    Why Jacob Cursed Two of His Sons

    Most Read. Laban searched through everything in the tent but found nothing. Finding nothing, Laban gives up and lets the matter go. He never gets his idols back. Jacob sets up camp just outside a town called Shechem.

    Dominion Of Darkness

    But her brothers ride in in a surprise attack and kill the prince, the king, and every other male Shechemite in the city. Jacob now finds that all the women and children of Shechem have come under his authority. And they have brought with them their own small idols and household gods. Jacob is standing there beside the pit, supervising this whole thing.

    Unknowingly, he had cursed his own beloved wife! The story chronicles what happens next. Jacob and his camp leave Shechem and begin their journey southward. They move through Bethel and then on toward Ephrath. As she breathed her last—for she was dying—she named her son Ben-Oni. But Jacob named him Benjamin.