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Report Links. Table of Contents Quick Facts. Comments Comment by Casterbridge I'm hoping the editing of this page is off, because the parts are very disjointed, you have sections about Sapphiron mixed in with the parts about Illidan, etc. Comment by Kriptiq I've read on one page to find the 4 Arthas and then this one says Soul Collector: Coming in later patch.

Since I've found the 4 Arthas I hope this is true and will be in a patch soon.

Comment by dextermorgan Where is the artifact weapon ability located? I can't see it in my spell book. Comment by Alisaunder You will need to tank at least one Stoneskin Gargoyle on one of the pedestals and run to the other to open the gate. If they both harden off of the pedestals you will need to Death Grip one onto a pedestal. Nexus Chronicle bundle This is books of the series. Each book will be added to your book shelf, but will not be listed The storm t Echo in Time Alara has spent her life under the radar, hiding her nature from the government and those around Armed and Armoured Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary conc Past Tense Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recr Powered Up Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the s Rain of Tears Needing help to free her creation, Rain turns to an agricultural specialist who has more than fur Called to Power Syrella was born to nobility and cursed by her talent.

The last thing she expected was to be call Try something different. Tales of the Citadel bundle This is books of the series. Authors other products. Port Hole Making holes in space is far easier than patching her past together. Duulahar grew up knowing that he Mini Max Born to stand out, she turns a life of obligation into a life she chooses… on Team Eight.

Max was rai Wrapped Her family is gone, her body has changed, and her world is in an uproar. Apparently Agia stole the Claw from the altar they destroyed and knowing that she would be searched, placed it in Severian's belongings.

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Eventually Severian and Dorcas encounter Dr. Talos, Baldanders and Jolenta, who are almost ready to perform the play they had invited Severian to the morning before. Severian assists in the play, and the next day the group sets out toward the great gate leading out of Nessus. When they are at the gate, there is suddenly a commotion and the narration abruptly ends. The book continues shortly after the previous installment left off, skipping Severian's journey from the gate of Nessus to the nearby town of Saltus. Having been separated from the rest of the group he was traveling with, Severian pauses his search for them here as he is given an opportunity to practice his art in this case, execution on two people.

The first was accused of being a servant of Vodalus, a revolutionary leader. As the man is dragged out of his home by a mob, Severian glimpses Agia amidst the crowd, a woman who with her twin brother had formerly tried to swindle and then kill Severian to gain his valuable executioner's sword. Severian executed the brother at the request of the local authorities. Realizing she has been sighted, Agia flees and Severian, still in love with her, follows, searching for her at the town fair. Unable to find her, he ends up at a tent containing a man whose skin is green.

The green man is held as a slave, and his master makes money off of him, claiming he can answer any question. In answer to Severian's queries as to how he could know everything, the green man tells Severian he is from the future. The green man does not know where Agia can be found, but Severian takes pity on him and gives him a piece of his whetstone so that he can free himself by grinding through his chains, thus recalling his mercy to Thecla, another prisoner, in the first book.

Unable to find Agia, Severian returns to town where he later executes a woman accused of being a witch. Eating dinner with his friend Jonas whom he met at the gate at Nessus that evening, he finds a letter he first thinks is from Thecla but is actually from Agia asking him to meet her at a nearby cave. In the cave, Severian encounters and barely escapes a group of man-apes. The light from the Claw a relic he accidentally came into possession of, which had previously been held by a religious order stops the man-apes' attack, but it also seems to wake a gargantuan unknown creature deep below in the cave, who is only heard and not seen.

Severian has little time to ponder this as he escapes, only to be attacked by Agia and her assassins outside the cave. One of the attackers is killed by one of the man-apes, who had its hand cut off by Severian in the battle in the cave. The ape gestures its stump at Severian, wanting him to do something with it, but Severian does not know what. Severian prepares to execute Agia, but, still unable to hate her, lets her go and returns to Saltus, where he and Jonas are kidnapped by Vodalus' gang for having agreed to execute one of its members.

Severian recalls to Vodalus that he saved his life some years past, so Vodalus allows Severian to enter his service. Severian and Jonas attend a midnight dinner with Vodalus, where they consume Thecla's roasted flesh, which, when combined with an alien substance, allows Thecla's memories to live within Severian. Given the task to deliver a message to a servant in the House Absolute, the Autarch's seat of power, Severian and Jonas set off to the north. They are attacked by a flying creature who feeds on the heat and life force of living beings, and escape only by tricking the creature into attacking and killing a nearby soldier instead.

Severian feels guilty and, having a suspicion of the healing powers of the Claw, uses it to bring the soldier back to life. They are then captured by guards of the House Absolute and thrown into an antechamber designed to hold prisoners indefinitely. Severian's Claw heals a wound Jonas receives during the night they spend there; then the pair escape some unknown horror using a pass phrase to open a secret door — Severian remembers the phrase using Thecla's memory.

Walking the corridors of the House Absolute, Jonas is revealed to be a robot who once crash-landed on earth and is now partly covered by human flesh, and steps into a mirror and disappears, promising to return for Jolenta when he is healed. Severian is lost and eventually encounters the Autarch himself, to whom he swears service, upon being shown a portal to another universe. Talos, and Baldanders, who are preparing to once again perform the play they put on in the first book. Severian participates again, but the play is cut short when Baldanders flies into a rage and attacks the audience, revealing that aliens are among them.

The band is scattered and Severian finds them a distance away the next morning, heading north. Talos and Baldanders part ways with Severian and Dorcas at a crossroad, Severian heading toward Thrax, and the giant and his physician headed toward Lake Diuturna.

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The waitress Jolenta tries to have Talos take her with him, but he has no more use for her now that the plays are no longer necessary, and Severian is forced to take her. As they head north, Jolenta is attacked by a "blood bat" and becomes ill. It is revealed that she had been scientifically altered by Dr. Talos to be gorgeous and desirable, but is quickly becoming sickly and unattractive. Soon the trio meets an old farmer who tells them they must pass through an enigmatic stone city to get to Thrax.

Upon arriving at the ruinous city, Severian sees a pair of witches initiate a dream-like event in which ghostly dancers of the stone town's past fill the area and engage with the witch's servant, who is actually Vodalus's lieutenant Hildegrin. The book ends with Dorcas and Severian emerging from a stupor in the stone town, Jolenta dead, and the witches and Hildegrin gone. Having completed the journey he was sent upon when he was exiled from the Citadel, Severian takes up his position as the Lictor or Master of Chains of the city of Thrax.

His lover Dorcas falls into depression, in part because of her position as the partner of a reviled and feared figure in a strange city. She is also becoming increasingly upset by her mysterious past, and convinced that she must unravel its secrets, however disturbing they may turn out to be. Escaping an exotic creature that incinerates things, which seems to have come to Thrax to find him, Severian finds himself again showing mercy to a condemned prisoner and is forced to flee the city. He and Dorcas separate, and he journeys alone into the mountains in search of the Pelerines, whom he believes to be the rightful keepers of the priceless relic which he carries, the Claw of the Conciliator.

On the road, he battles his enemy Agia, and the Alzabo, a beast which acquires the memories of those it consumes, as well as a gang of men who have opted to become as animals. In the wake of this violence, he takes an orphaned boy, little Severian, into his care. They encounter a village of men who claim to be sorcerers, and who possess more power than Severian at first believes.

Escaping amidst the threat that yet another dangerous creature has been set upon his trail, Severian discovers a monarch from the past, Typhon, in an ancient city.

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Typhon tries to manipulate Severian during a complex confrontation. Little Severian is killed. Continuing his journey, Severian is drawn into a local conflict on the side of a group of islanders being enslaved. He then discovers that his old companions Dr. Talos and Baldanders are the enslavers, and is forced to battle the giant Baldanders.

In the wake of this battle, in which his sword and the Claw are both at least apparently, in the latter case destroyed, Severian seeks to digest a series of revelations: about the nature of Baldanders, the nature of the aliens who manipulate events on Urth yet profess to be his friends, and the nature of the Claw which he carried for so long. As he does so, he finds himself approaching the edge of the war in the North. Severian finds himself wandering around when he first happens upon a dead soldier whom he revives with the Claw.

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The soldier remains unable to speak as they make their way to the Pelerines camp. In the camp, Severian suffers a fever and is treated along with others injured in the war. While recovering, Severian judges a story telling contest. Before leaving he returns the Claw by putting it in an altar. Outside the church Severian is tasked to visit a friend of the Pelerines in the mountain, to bring him back from the danger of the war to the safety of the camp.

Severian arrives to the man's house but, due to time-travel related phenomena, the man disappears as he is led away. Upon returning to the camp, Severian discovers it has been attacked and abandoned. Severian soon finds the new camp where most of those he met during his stay are dead or dying.

Eventually, Severian is drawn into war against armies of the North composed of people known as Ascians. Severian nearly perishes but is rescued by the androgynous spy he met in the House Absolute, the Autarch of the Commonwealth. Severian is nursed back to health and converses with the Autarch about his role in the Commonwealth.

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They board a flier and while heading out over the war zone, they are shot down. The Autarch is dying and tells Severian to consume the alzabo vial around his neck and consume his flesh, as Severian is to be the next Autarch.

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Severian does so and thus he acquires hundreds of consciousnesses that the Autarch once had. Before the Autarch died, he messaged Vodalus that the Autarch was aboard the flier. Thea and a group of Vodalus' men descend on the crash site and rescue Severian from the Ascians. Severian is held prisoner and is visited by Agia who attempts to kill him once again. He survives and is rescued by the green time traveler whom he rescued earlier in The Claw of the Conciliator.

The green man opens a passage through time in which Severian is then visited by an alien who takes the form of Master Malrubius and Triskele.

Tales of the Citadel, no. 1

Malrubius tells him that he must one day face a challenge that will either allow man to return to the stars if he succeeds or strip him of his manhood, leaving him infertile, and unable to produce an heir if he fails. Severian realizes that the last Autarch must have failed which feminized him and gave him his androgynous looks. After the meeting, Severian is left on a beach. He discovers a bush covered in thorns.