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Neither the owner, nor the publisher of this site are liable for any misconception or misuse of the information or products provided in which lead to bad results. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a physician with any concerns. Keep all products out of reach of children! Do not use products if taking medications or chronically ill. Do not use if pregnant. Like what you tell is not the same as what you show. I hope I'm being clear enough, because I can't quite put my fingers on it myself, as much as I'd like to. Anyway, let's go further down the story.

Diamond Tiara looses her father, whom she loved dearly, and gets rejected by her mother. Well, if those aren't circumstances under which a pony can completely change her character, I don't know what are. If only Tiara was more canon in the beginning, the change of her personality would be more than justified here, and the story would feel much more canon-compliant. So yeah, with that you give the reader a chance to get over the strange Diamond Tiara, who lands in the orphanage. And then BAM!

Would canon Scoots really do it? She is a rambunctious tomboy, she is overconfident, and daring, and strong-willed, and even violent sometimes. And she has every reason to hate Tiara. But would she actually stoop low enough as to become the same kind of bully Tiara was to her? Besides, Scootaloo still hangs with other Crusaders. But when nopony sees, she's letting it all out on Diamond Tiara. I mean really? MICRO - Spoons / Lures: Sporting Goods

Nopony, even her closest friends, would notice any change in her or Tiara's behavior? Let's turn a blind eye on this for a second, and BOOM! What the heck? Besides, I never considered you a shipper. By the way, I said nothing about Spoon in all of my rambling above. It's because her characterization is quite good in my humble opinion. She seems like a devoted follower of Tiara, even if she wished they hadn't bullied the Crusaders sometimes. But, if she was so in love with Tiara and all, how come she hooked up with Scoots all of a sudden? As a side note, it all happened a year and a half from the canon show, right?

Are the fillies big and mature enough to engage in some implied petting and what not, and develop spontaneous wingboners dl. I'm not mentioning this to mindlessly criticize. Ponies may develop quicker than humans, after all. It's just that I found this strange. I just felt it was a little to early for them.

The fillies were still grade schoolers in the canon show, right? Would a year and a half make such a difference?

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But OK, let's quickly skim through Scoots and Tiara's adoption, the forbidden love, and the inevitable crisis. Suddenly BANG! Tiara attempting a suicide and succeeding at it? I know she suffered a lot throughout your story, and had every reason to change rather dramatically again, it would be incomparably better if she wasn't different so much from the very beginning , but would she just end quit her life so easily?

I have a really hard time accepting that. She just seem Both in canon and in your story. Well, my ramble has to end eventually, and I think it's as good time as any. To summarize: the story is executed masterfully, the writing is extraordinaire wouldn't expect anything less from you, really , the story is also very deep and moving. But it would feel MUCH better in general it's my humble opinion, though if it weren't about the characters we all know, and which feel very different in your story from what they're supposed to be.

So, if you actually read all of that and haven't banned me yet from the site for bashing your story to pieces like that expressing my honest opinion on your story, let me thank you for the whole LOEG gig. Not only have I met a lot of great writers, but I also learned so very much from reading their and your stories. The ability to compare so many different writing styles was an invaluable experience, both in reading and in learning to write. And for that, I sincerely thank you. There are very good points there, I think the only one I will defend the rest being well, pretty much true thanks to lack of proper pacing is that Silver Spoon's memories of what happened are tainted by her POV, whereas the rest is what 'really' happened.

They are conflicting a bit, but when you ask two people to tell you what happened, do you get the exact same story?

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I actually wondered if that was the case, but ultimately decided that I may be over-thinking it. But, if [Silver Spoon] was so in love with Tiara and all, how come she hooked up with Scoots all of a sudden? This line, so much!! That, of course, is due to her selective amnesia. She loved her as a friend as far as I'm concerned.

But, in The Rough in the Diamond she is! That's the controversy, Rough is a prequel to this one. But yes, I should tell as well Anyway, the idea was to write a brawl between Silver Spoon and Scoots and both discovering that they are in fact attracted to each other Of course I didn't write it so I just left it to imagination. I know, I'm lazy. Well, of course it isn't! If these fics were in the same continounity, it wouldn't be a controversy, would it?

Just thee wait, I'll PM thou soon. I am not a politician and my statements shouldn't be taken out of context.

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The sentence before is: "She seems like a devoted follower of Tiara, even if she wished they hadn't bullied the Crusaders sometimes. But, if she was so in love [yadda yadda yadda]".

But yeah, I guess it could be misunderstood slightly. You haven't told that, true, but you have shown it! At least that's how it seemed in the story. It may be my over-reactive imagination, though. Imma be a dick and say that Diamond Tiara rage quitted life. JK, this story actually made me cry as much as My Little Dashie did.

Poor Diamond Tiara, for every reason ever. Poor Silver Spoon and Scootaloo, for living with the guilt. Page generated in 0. Support us Patreon Chat! Discord Follow us Twitter.

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