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The contest is mainly Saxons vs Danes. Many other people from the islands and the north are involved as well. During the most precarious times Uhtred wonders if the country will be Daneland instead. Is the name England derived from Angles?

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And if so, why no mention of them? Sorry to bother you but I was unsuccessful trying to figure it out on my own. We all know the term Anglo Saxon but I wonder how many people understand the Anglo part. I wouldn't mind clarification. I have explained this in some of the historical notes, but maybe not enough. We talk of the Anglo-Saxons and we basically mean the two major Germanic tribes who invaded Britain after the Romans abandoned the island. There were also Jutes!

And some other minor tribes.

disregard the prologue

The West Saxon Wessex dynasty eventually united all the Saxon and Angle and Jutish lands and the mystery is why they named their new country Englaland, or why the said their language was English. But they did! I wanted to ask you about Villains in your books though. I believe a Hero is nothing without a great Villain. They define each other. Without the Joker, Batman would just be a berk dressed as a bat! The Hero must slay the Monster or defeat the Villain. That's what they do!

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But, how do you create and define your villains? But, i think there are guys who aren't really "Villains", just "Opponents". He's just a Danish warlord, and Uhtred likes and respects him. Cnut Longsword as well, and even Skoll. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't read War of the Wolf yet, and i've not got to the end yet! But, does what he did make Skoll a "Villain" or was that killing, just War? Just wondering about you views on Villainy in your books Cnut, certainly and Svein. And Leroux for Sharpie Even at 42 i still love wondering about things like this Stick to Odin!

The villain has to be formidable, of course, and if not physically formidable then cunning as a hungry rat. Cunning is often easier, it helps plot the book, but a combination of both is probably best. Leroux was wonderfully cunning. I was a bit confused while reading "War of the wolf" loved it, btw! But that certainly should not be a problem, should it, as those two have kind of grown up together and seemed to be friends? Especially with Junior being a Christian himself "damn him!

PS: At the moment I am bingeing all of the Saxon books, I just wanted to reread the first few, but it seems I can't stop, what a lovely problem to have. They are even better the second time!

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  • I also always forget how funny Uhtred can be with his bone dry comments. I have quite a few LOL moments while reading. This may seem strange but I have nothing to ask of you. I am writing simply to thank you for writing the Saxon Stories. I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in August of Before that, I was a busy lawyer.

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    The diagnosis was sudden and unexpected. It led to a lot of medical treatment and time in bed. It was a great distraction at a bad time. I've devoured all the books in the series. I had read of Alfred the great. You really brought him and his time to life. I love the creation of the fictional Uhtred as a medium to tell the story.

    Simply brilliant. I loved the story of Ethelflaed. I was sorry to see her story end in Flame Bearer. But am excited about the Ethelstan story line which seems to really be taking off in War of the Wolf. Please keep writing! I hope we can look forward to another book soon. Again, thank you for the work you do. You may be surprised that I am a 36 year old female.

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    My favorite was the end battle in the Pagan Lord. One question—have the seven kings died as indicated in the prophecy or is that yet to come. Thanks again and may Uhtred ride again! I hope this is not too premature, but with Lord Uhtred winding into old age will the series continue through his son s? Thank you for all the joy and education you have given to me over the years. Thank you again.

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    I'm a big fan of your books about Uhtred an the making of England. The last 2 months I did read all eleven books and I was very disappointed as I finished book 11 yesterday. When will the 12th book be released? I just finished War of the Wolves and it was great as all Uhtred books have been.

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    I love this story and I have followed The Last Kingdom as well. Eagerly awaiting the next book. Thank you for writing these books that are entertaining and educational as well. Just loved War of the Wolf. I did think it would be last in series. So thrilled that there will be another book? My partner Louise is very smug with the fact that she hails from Amble, on the coastline opposite Coquet Island Cocuedes , and therefore is a proud Northumbrian sworn to Uhtred of Bebbanburg himself or Alexander Dreymon most likely.

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    • If Uhtred was to swing by, what would he make of the place? Are the lands of South Yorkshire historically Northumbrian and therefore his kinsmen, or would he find Mercians or even a place overrun with Norsemen? That said, a much more interesting place in the area for a potential cameo in your next book is a place called Dore in the posh part of Sheffield.

      Seems the kind of place Uhtred would detest, and the Wessexians in his life would love. It was probably settled by Danes.